FULL BLOWN CREATIVE (Artist/Producer/GraphicDesigner/Photographer)

Born December 12th in Dallas, TX, Clinton Williams (a.k.a. Knesecary, Knes) started embracing the hip-hop culture at the tender age of nine-years old. Influenced by artists such as Nas, Method Man, Jay-Z, and the Wu-Tang Clan, at the age of 15, Knesecary began writing and taking music more seriously. After years of establishing a formidable reputation on the Dallas/Ft. Worth hip-hop scene as a sharp, quick-witted battle rapper, Knesecary released his debut solo album entitled, “As Promised…” which gained him solid credibility as an artist. Immediately following its release, Knesecary spent time honing his second talent, production, by providing blazing, hot production for his peers on the local hip-hop scene. With years of hard work, this 23-year old Rapper/Producer/Songwriter has molded himself into one of the premier “up and coming” artists in the Rap/Productions game. Armed with uncanny wordplay and lyrical ability, coupled with a knack for creating hypnotizing production, Knesecary has built a Rep that has Few Emcees willing to get on stage opposite him. After a brief stint in Atlanta, Georgia, Knesecary returned to put the finishing touches on his second release entitled, “The Grey Goose EP,” which was released in winter 2004. He has since released several mix tapes including: “Jelly Johnson: Volumes 1 thru 4”, “Grey Goose” and “The Hustle Man Project.” Other accomplishments have been: Recordings with the recently deceased “Proof” from the group “D12”; RIP “Proof.” Also, a collaboration with “Kool G Rap”. Currently, the streets are anxiously anticipating his next fourth album and masterpiece “Righteous EP”. Hit after hit has cultivated a loyal following for Team KNSCRY! Knes is that leading point guard you go to in the clutch! The one you want to have the ball, or in his case the ”Mic”; there are 5 seconds left on the clock and you have no more “time-out.”  You’re down by one and losing is NOT an option!! KNESECARY is that game winning MC that is destined to be a Problem for the League to DEFEND!!!